Matte Paper Framed Poster


[Incl. Frame, QR Code, Hangers]
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Present your business, social media profile or any other URL with the Matte Paper Framed Poster.

  • High-quality printing: Your QR Code Artwork is printed on enhanced matte paper using archival-quality inks, which ensures that the colors are vibrant and long-lasting.
  • Custom framing: Your QR Code Artwork comes with a oak frame made of wood that’s custom-fitted to the artworks’s size. This gives the artwork a finished and professional look, and makes it easy to hang.
  • Hanging hardware included: Your QR Code Artwork comes with pre-installed hanging hardware, which includes a sawtooth hanger and a nail. This makes it easy to hang as soon as it arrives.
  • Easy to clean: Your QR Code Artwork is simple to clean with a soft, dry cloth, ensuring it continues to look great for years to come.
  • Made in the USA and Europe: Your QR Code Artwork is proudly made in the USA and Europe, ensuring high-quality standards and fast shipping times.



21×30 cm, 30×40 cm, 50×70 cm, 61×91 cm


Immerse yourself in the classic charm of Matter Paper.

  • With its smooth, non-reflective surface, matte paper offers a timeless and artistic appeal. The absence of glare or reflections allows your QR Code Artwork to be viewed from any angle without distraction. This option is perfect if you appreciate deeper, more saturated colors and a subdued, elegant finish on your QR Code Artwork.
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    Matte Paper Framed Poster